Hi, I am Santosh !

I’m an online blogger and techy living in New Delhi, India and I’ve been nerding-out on blog content + online marketing for over 5 years. I believe in done over perfect, showing up even when it’s scary, NOT having to do all the things, and finding YOUR best way to connect, grow, and earn online. When it comes to building a business or blog, there always seems to be another must-do strategy.

So I’m guessing, dear solopreneur, that you’ve got a lot on your plate. Tasks for your blog, your email list, social media. Tasks you think you should be doing, tasks someone else said you must do. If you look at your to-do list every morning and wonder where the heck to start, I don’t blame you! After running a successful affiliate marketing business, I’ve learned a few things about where people get stuck/stalled/stressed out and how to get them growing again

My job is to help you simplify the search for a great tool that will help and manage your online career and feel confident enough about what you’re creating to finally see things GROW.