DropMock Social Video Ads

DropMock Social Video Ads | Complete Review

In this post I will review the DropMock Social Video Ads……..

What is DropMock Social Video Ads ?

Dropmock Social Video Ads is a cloud based application and is great for folks who wants to sell their product and service online using:
– Facebook
– Social Media Platforms
– Video Marketing and YouTube

Who are the creators ?

The CEO of DropMock, Mr. Jamie Ohler and the CEO of OneSoci, Mr. Mark Laxton have collaborated together and are launching Dropmock Social Video Ads.

Dropmock logo
Onesoci logo

Some of the popular products from the creators

Dropmock and OneSoci have some of the great products in the design and social media marketing domain. Their specialty in social media and video marketing is phenomenal. I have listed down a few of them below :

DropMock – DropMock is a Cloud-Based ‘Mockup’ Design Suite which you can use to promote your brand through a wide variety of mockups of iPhones, Macbook Pro, T-Shirts and mugs.

Fusion by DropMock – Its a 8-in-1 Cloud-Based application where you can create Facebook Videos using the templates, Instagram vertical videos, FaceBook video headers, live action videos, HD Video commercials, Video Mock-ups, Image Mock-ups and Scene Mock-ups.

Fusion is also a combination of the two software from DropMock (Movezz and Vertical). Only with a 1-time purchase, you will experience all the services that come from DropMock.

OneSoci – OneSoci is a Social Media App run your entire marketing campaigns from one powerful dashboard. You can find Content, Design Posts, Schedule Updates, Manage Pages and Groups, Run Ad Campaigns, and Create 1-Click Optins.

Product launch information.

Launch Date: 2019-Sep-23
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Tentative Price: $37

I will let you know more about the product once i have the more information with me. You will find a comprehensive review on this post soon. Stay tuned for more!

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