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How to find expats on LinkedIn ?

Finding Expats on LinkedIn can be tricky sometimes. There is no straight forward process to it. In this post I will share with you how you can find Expats on LinkedIn in a simple and easy way.

Who are expats / expatriate ?

I want to talk about what an expat is and why so many people are choosing to live this wild expat journey .

An expat or an expatriate is a person who temporarily or permanently resides in a country other than the country of their citizenship.

In common usage the term is often used to describe professionals or skilled workers who are sent abroad by their organizations that they work for.

Today there are millions of expats living around the world on expat assignments because their organizations have sent them there.

But there are also many individuals who pursue job opportunities in foreign lands because they seek the adventure and they understand the true value of living and working abroad.

For those expats who have been sent abroad by their companies can vary greatly but often include such things as housing allowance, annual flights, home for the family, paid education for those families with children, drivers and gardeners.

It all depends on the individual package and packages are generally negotiated before the expat assignment begins.

It think this will give you a fair idea on who expats are. Now lets focus on our topic and see how to find them on LinkedIn

There could be two scenario :

  • Find Expats on LinkedIn within you connection
  • Finding Expats outside your LinkedIn connection

Finding Expats on LinkedIn within your connection

If you have a huge LinkedIn network, screening out individual profile could be very difficult and often time consuming.

However, by using the methods mentioned below you can easily find them.

Login to LinkedIn

Click on the Search bar available on the right top corner.

LinkedIn Search bar

After clinking on the search bar, you will get some options. As shown below.

Select “People” from the options shown

LinkedIn people search

Now it will list all the people in your connections. Select “All Filters” from the second menu.

LinkedIn all filters

After selecting All filters, Linkedin will open up the detailed filter that you can filter out the profiles of Expats from your network.

Now if you have a free account with LinkedIn, you can only filter out your 1st and 2nd connections. To find out the expats :

Select the country you want to find, let say USA

Select the School, make sure you select the colleges/university in your local state/country. Lets say Delhi University.

Search filter to find expats on LinkedIn

Select “Apply”

This filter will allow you to show people who are Indian but currently residing in USA. You are all set now 🙂

Finding Expats on LinkedIn outside your connection

Now the whole process explained above will remain the same.

The only change is you need to have Premium account with LinkedIn.

With premium account, you can filter out as much profiles you can, no matter if they are in your connection or not.

If you are into talent search or recruitment , the best premim plan to go for this “LinkedIn Recruiter”.

LinkedIn Recruiter

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LinkedIn recruiter

That is it folks. If you find the content helpful, share it and leave a comment below.

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