How to write a blog on the Google platform – Blogger and earn money?

There are many tools available online to write blogs and publish your content. Goggle Blogger is one of them.

Google blogger is absolutely free and convenient. The best of it is, you can monetize your content in several ways. Lets take a look in to the platform and see how you can leverage it to earn money online.

What is google blogger ?

Blogger is a blogging platform that allows multi-user blogs without any cost. It was created by Pyra Labs, and was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of

Blogger window
Blogger Window

Users can also map blogs with a custom domain owned by the user (like by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Google’s servers. A user can have up to 100 blogs per account.

How to setup a Blogger account ?

Users can signup blogger through their google ID and start blogging right away.

In blogger there are many themes that user can select for their blog and can customize the layout as per the likes. The look and feel of the blog can be changed up to a lot extent.

Blogger Theme

Key Word Research :

First you need to create a new gmail account and to do to do that you go to google. Search just type in new gmail account and select the first result on this page you can fill in your information your first name your user name and create your account it’s pretty simple.

Next you want to go ahead and download a tool. A browser tool that you are going to be needing to do your keyword research is called keywords everywhere and just type that into Google and select the first result.

So yeah add this to your toolbar and once you’ve added it to your toolbar next you want to just click on. Put this on so that it will work okay.

Now you want to go to a site called ubersuggest and just type over so just into Google just a second typing over so chest and select the first result in here you are going to type in your keywords that you want to use to create your blog.

So let’s say you want to teach people how to sing to just such as that and wait a bit now you see you have how to sing have 4000 monthly searches 666 cent and your competition is 5.

You always want your competition to be 0.01 0.02 and so on now you have how to sing high notes that’s four thousand four hundred searches per month you have 0.02 competition this is a great keyword if you want to create a website around.

Monetizing Your Blog

Google AdSense in Blogger

Blogger supports Google Adsense. What is google Adsense ?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Adsense in Blogger

How to Qualify for AdSense?

  • You need to have your own unique and interesting content?
  • Your content should comply with the AdSense Program policies ?
  • You must be at least 18 years old?
  • If you use Blogger, YouTube or another host partner you can sign up for a hosted AdSense account. Note that to be eligible, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. When your blog or channel becomes eligible for monetization via AdSense, you can set up your AdSense account and link these products.

Affiliate Marketing

And trust me when I say this, everyone does affiliate marketing. Literally everyone. All the famous YouTubers, all the tech reviewers, people on Instagram, all those fitness people.

Big companies like Uber, Lyft. Blogs like Smart Passive Income. And even small food blogs, “small” food blogs do affiliate marketing.

Basic description at its core of affiliate is that it is just referrals, okay.

So affiliate marketing it’s kind of a fancy term for just referrals. It’s basically referring people to products and services of companies that are not your own and then receiving commission if those people sign up or take
action upon your referral. Usually through a link.

Lets take an example here.

If you watch any sort of tech review on YouTube, you’re gonna see Amazon
links or some sort of funny looking links in description, and nine times out of ten those are affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link?

Basically, Amazon Associates – it is Amazon’s affiliate program. You can google the term Amazon Associate, you will have all the details their.

So if you join Amazon Associates which you guys can do today. It’s completely free but you might need to have a website in order to get approved. Some people are able to do without it. But I would have a website just in case.

Alright guys so if you log in and then you just look up products for Amazon Associates that you can promote.

You can have personalized tracking link that you can include in your videos, on your website, on your landing page. And then this link is
personalized to your account.

Now what that means is it has a tracking code through cookies. Where if somebody clicks that link it’s gonna be tracked back to you and for Amazon Associates at least.

If somebody buys anything from Amazon, not just the product
which is the headphones. If they buy anything within 24 hours, you receive a percentage of the commission.

Now, the commission ranges. It definitely ranges basedon the product category. It can range from 4 up to 10%.

So if I just look up Amazon Associates rates then we can actually see each specific product category and how much they pay.

Amazon Associates rates

That’s it folks, I think you must have a fair idea now on how to write blogs on google platform with out spending a dime and earn money.

One more method to earn money is Copy Writing. You may check out my post on copy writing and how you can learn it free.

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