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WP Rank Express – A great SEO tool for Price of a Pizza [One Time]

WP Rank Express – The Easy Button For Page 1 Ranking on Search Engines.

Let’s be honest… If your sites are not getting any traffic then there is no way for you to make any money from them.

Traffic = Money

Simple as that! Of course, getting traffic to your sites is easier said than done. Well, until now, because this new plugin makes it easier than ever!

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With the new WP Rank Express you can start seeing your own sites rise in the search engines and start raking in free traffic and commissions.

What is WP Rank Express ?

Rank Express is a 1 Click WordPress Plugin that Gets You HIGHER Rankings and MORE Traffic with 13 Easy To Use Tools, ALL From Right Inside Your WordPress Dashboard!

It will get you backlinks to your site, it will help you optimize your site for the search engines, rewrite content for you and MUCH more!

If you own a website that is not getting enough (or any!) traffic, then you NEED to go grab this tool right now!

WP Rank Express_Get Started Here

Who is WP Rank Express For ?

  • Every Website Owner
  • Content Marketer
  • Online Business Owners
  • Bloggers
  • Newbie to SEO
  • Affiliate Marketers.

Many website owners subscribe to the belief that “If you build it,
they will come”. I hate to spoil those dreams but it just doesn’t work that way. Traffic does not just magically appear.

In order to get traffic you need a well optimized site, backlinks, good keywords and unique content.

Luckily for you, this plugin does all of these for you…

How does WP Rank Express help ?

WP Rank Express gives you access to 13 SEO Tools all designed to help you get better rankings, more traffic and more sales.

With the Help Of WP Rank Express, YOU Can Start Grabbing First Page Rankings Like These…

WP Rank Express_Ranking1
WP Rank Express_Ranking1

Right SEO can bring tens of thousand of FREE visitors to your site and this tool will help you to achieve it.

WP Rank Express_Traffic1
WP Rank Express_Traffic2

How does WP Rank Express Work ?

WP Rank Express gives you access to 13 SEO Tools all designed to help you get better rankings, more traffic and more sales.

Here is how the dashboard of WP Rank Express looks.


So without any delay, let me explain to you what all SEO modules you are going get in this all in one SEO package.

#1 Onpage SEO Analyzer

Onpage seo analyzer

How well your pages are optimized for search engines is critical for getting top rankings. With WP Rank Express you can instantly see where you are optimized well and where you are not.

Quickly fix your onpage SEO issues and you can see your site rocket up the search engines and start bring in more free traffic.

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#2 BackLink Generator

backlink generator tool

The #1 factor for ranking higher in the search engines is the amount of links to your site. With WP Rank Express you can instantly get 20 links to your site with just a single click.

Just enter in your domain name, hit Generate and the software will go out and create the links for you in a matter of seconds!

#3 LongTail Keyword Finder

LongTail Keyword Finder

One of the easiest ways to get some quick rankings is to target longtail keywords because they have much lower competition. With WP Rank Express you can quick generate 100’s of longtail keywords at the push of a button.

Simply enter any keyword and the software will generate a list of longtail keywords related to your main keyword. Create some pages targeting these keywords and you are off to the races!

#4 Article Rewriter

Article rewriter

With the Article Rewriter tool you can have unique content in just seconds.

Simply enter in any piece of content and click Rewrite and the software will provide you will a spun version of the content to make it unique.

#5 Webpage Speed Test

Webpage Speed Test
WP Ranking Express_Get Started Here

#6 Search Engine Submitter

If your site is not listed in all the search engines then it is impossible to get any organic traffic.

With the Search Engine Submitter tool you can instantly submit your site to the search engines to get listed.

#7 Keyword Density Checker

Overusing keywords in your content will sabotage your rankings.  The Keyword Density Checker will instantly show you how often you are using each keyword so you can adjust your content accordingly.

#8 Keyword Typo Generator

Typos have extremely low competition and are an easy way to start getting some rankings

With the Keyword Typo Generator you can quickly get a list of common typos that you can target with your site.

#9 Website Status Checker

If you website is down visitors can not view it and your rankings will plummet. With the Website Status Checker you can be sure that your site is live and their are no issues with it loading.

#10 XML Sitemap Generator

Providing Google an XML Sitemap allows all the pages on your site to be found by Google.  With the XML Sitemap Generator you can create one with a single click.

#11 Screen Size Simulator

Your visitors are coming to your site from various types of devices. With the Screen Size Simulator you can be certain your site is displaying correctly on all devices.

#12 Webpage Spider Viewer

The Webpage Spider Tools allows you to see your site exactly how the Google Bots see it allowing you to easily fix any issues.

#13 Disavow File Generator

Easily create a disavow file to tell Google of any “bad links” pointing to your site that you don’t wish to be counted.

get started here

Check out the video below to see WP Rank Express in real action!

Grab Your Copy of WP Rank Express Now!

Here’s What you’ll get :

1. 13 SEO Tools in one
2. Future Updates and Support Access
3. Use on Unlimited Sites you Own
4. 30 Day Test Drive Period
5. One Time Payment – No Recurring Charges

Get Started Now

But…… Do not miss the Bonuses you are getting with WP Rank Express !

Bonus #1- Amazon Affiliate Bar Plugin

With this WordPress plugin you can display a “sticky bar” at the top of your site promoting any Amazon product you want.

This plugin make it incredibly easy to start making more commissions from the Amazon Affiliate program in just a couple minutes!

Bonus #2- FB Affiliate Alert Box Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to use the familiarity of Facebook to increase your affiliate commissions on all your websites. It will create pop up boxes that resemble those those from Facebook and allows you to insert affiliate products into them.


Bonus #3- WP Traffic Domination Training

The Traffic Domination course will show you how to start generating free traffic to all your websites and how to do it the right way to avoid penalties.

WP Ranking Express_Get Started Here

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